If you havent read Karren Brady’s Football Diary in the Sun, take the time to do so – as it is on the whole an honest and fair insight into the dealings at a club, through the eyes of a club executive.

On Friday August 27th Karren Brady writes :

A LATE call from an agent, asking me if he is going to be paid anything from my club as he put {PLAYER A} to us first.

I am confused and asked to whom and when he put the player forward.

The reply was: “I sent you a text saying I thought he was a good player three weeks ago?” I told him if that qualified for a payment I would send {EXECUTIVE B} of {FOOTBALL CLUB C} a list of 900 players on the basis if he ever took one he would owe me.

“Well, how do I protect myself from suggesting a player to you that you go on to sign without involving me?”

“Easy,” I say. “Don’t f*****g text me.”

Nicely put Karren !

If you are going to be a professional agent – earn your worth !
surely a text isnt worth the paper it is written on.

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