Can anyone truly explain this term of “taking money out of the game”.

It seems to have become a comment that is heard almost every day in sporting circles and the sporting media – especially in football, and most commonly in discussions referring to football agents.

HOWEVER is it a valid comment ? and please if you think it is, we welcome your input.

Lets take a set of alternative situations, regarding professional football that may also be referred to as “taking money out of the game” :

  • The owner and chairman of a football club invests £30m in his takeover of a topflight club.
    When he sells the club 18 months later to an overseas investor for £50m ….. he makes a £10m plus profit.
    Where is the £10m ? …… still in the game ? …. is this not “taking money out of the game” ?
  • A footballer deservedly earns £1m per year after tax, and he invests this money by choice in property overseas, and a new car every year.
    Where is the investment ? …… Where is the profit ? …. is this not “taking money out of the game” ?
  • A professional club signs an overseas player …. for which they need to pay a third party payment for ownership
    (to fulfill FA guidelines on 3rd party ownership)
    Where is the 3rd party payment ? ……  is this not “taking money out of the game” ?

So there are just 3 examples of “taking money out of the game” , in fact do we hear other industries or even individuals using such terminology when they invest in a sport like football? e.g.

  • Does the gambling and bookmaking industry and their employees complain about money being “taken out of their game”,
    with multi million pound shirt sponsorship deals.
  • Does the football fan at home complain “about money being taken out of their home/family” with their satellite subscription to watch football,
    yes granted a lot do, but they accept it is part of a service and an economy.
  • Do the police, the programme printer or even the pie manufacturer get vilified for “taking money out of the game”
    with the products and services they supply to a club ?

So is there any validity in football when the comment is made about “taking money of of the game”?

It isnt just a sport anymore, it is a business and and industry, and part of the economy like most if ot all other businesses.

If you have any connection with football you are effectively “taking money out of the game” somewhere and somehow, mind you a lot of fans put far more in than they take out.

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