Before I start …..  I have to say I have no problem with lawyers, solicitors or any other legal professional but I often wonder why a professional person who has spent so many years studying, training to be a legal professional wants to become a football agent.

Yes I accept that there are many successful and very valuable specialist sports lawyers, and I have used them myself in the past to offer advice to my clients. Also I accept that some lawyers and solicitors with a passionate interest in sport choose to add another string to their bow and/or specialise in sports law as their forte.


‘Ditching’ a Career in Law …. WHY ?

It is not the case of sports lawyers and/or those who want to add a sports advisory string to their ‘legal bow’ I am questioning, but why oh why would you resign most of your legal studies and professional experience to the bin and want to become a football agent?

I would like to think that if I was offered the opportunity to swap being a football agent for a relatively safe, respected and professional career as a sports lawyer I would jump at the chance ……. But I am a bit too long in the tooth to change course now and my university time is behind me, although reflecting back maybe this direction is something I would have pursued.


The Role of ‘Registered Lawyers’ and ‘Exempt Solicitors’ as ‘Registered Agents’

As detailed in the blog article ‘Should a footballer have an agent – or opt for a registered lawyer’ many of the national football associations openly accept legal professionals on the ‘registered agents’ list alongside ‘licensed agents’ as long as they meet the core criteria (in fact some sources say that there are almost as many ‘registered lawyers’ registered to operate in England as ‘licensed agents), and in my experience a large number of these professionals provide a valuable and supportive service to their clients as a football agent.

This may be considered an advantage, as alongside their football agency knowledge they also have specialist, highly qualified and professional legal experience in dealing with such matters as contracts and employment law.

You may think it would be a rare request, in receiving a letter, email or telephone call from a qualified legal (or even finance, accounting) professional for advice on how to become a football agent, or whether there are opportunities to come and work within our agency but it is not rare (in fact quite regular).

There is no doubt legal professionals have a very important and crucial part to play in best supporting professional footballers and also their agents, I work with many from private client lawyers to family lawyers, conveyancing lawyers to employment lawyers …. and when the need arises (in extreme circumstances) criminal lawyers.


Why Do I Do It ?

Apart from a passion for sports, and a history in sports coaching and business …. personally I love the hassle of being a football agent, even the out of hours calls with what many would consider minor and pointless requests (but it is part of the job) and something that the majority of the time you aren’t paid for, but it is part of your roles and responsibilities to ‘represent the best interests of your client’.

The cynic in me says that those who want to ditch a professional career in law for a career solely as a football agent see such things as glamour, hospitality and big commissions …. but for every lawyer who wants to swap their career and safe income for that of the average football agent then there are many agents who would gladly take up your offer.