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FIFA's proposed changes to Football Agent Regulations and 3 step plan for the TMS

FIFA’s Proposals for Changes to Football Agent Regulations Appear to include a 3 Step Plan Featuring The TMS

Could the upgrading of FIFA’s TMS (Transfer Matching System) be an integral part of plans for a new football agent licensing system and regulations?

Are the FA following FIFA's lead with changes to Football Agent Regulations? .... or just 'tinkering'?

As the Football Authorities seemingly realise the errors of 2015, what initial proposals are there for new Football Agent Regulations?

Following on from my recent article looking at an overview of proposed changes to the Football Agent Licensing and Regulations from FIFA, I have also taken a look at the initial proposals from The FA.

Reported proposals for new FIFA Football Agents License and regulation changes

Have FIFA Finally Realised their Error of ‘Abandoning’ the Football Agents License (and Regulations) in 2015?

What are the initial proposals from the ‘FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee’ for a regulatory framework for the regulation and licensing of Football Agents and Intermediaries?