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Transfer Deadline Day – Who Gets Paid From a Football Transfer ?

At 11pm this evening the mid-season 2011 January transfer window shuts, but no doubt in the hours leading up to 11pm the rumours, conjecture and eventually the number of transfer deals, will be at an optimum as clubs try to get medicals and personal terms agreed with both players and their representatives, to sign that…

Football Agents : Better The Devil You Know, Than ……..

So is this the reason why when it comes to professional football people choose to work with those agents they know or even those that they know they can’t trust – whether they be players, clubs, coaches or managers.

Sporting Twits? – The Use of Twitter & Social Media by Sportspeople

It seems people (not least the media) love ‘creating a storm’ when it comes to a sportsperson mentioning something on twitter that isn’t related to what they had to eat or bought at the shops, yet when they don’t talk openly to the media or press they are hiding and not connecting with the fans.…

Are Football Salaries ‘Obscene’ ? Is it Time for a Salary Cap ?

This week saw the 50th anniversary of the scrapping of the salary cap in English Football. Many are understandably not aware of the anniversary, some don’t even know that a salary cap had existed for footballers in England’s ‘beautiful game’. Would You Like to Earn £100,000 Per Week ? It is no longer shocking to…

Former PFA Chairman Jimmy Hill

Football Salary Cap Abolished – 50th Anniversary

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the abolishment of the rule by the football association at a time when many quarters including the fans, authorities and the media are asking whether a salary cap should be reintroduced on the earnings of a Professional Footballer in England.